30G Muay Thai Boxing Analgesic Cream relieves muscular aches and pain

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Analgesic Cream
For pre and post exercise application
Relieves muscular aches and pain
Product History:
This Thai Boxing Analgesic Cream has been used for many years in boxing, martial arts and the training,
With its well known effect  to help reducing muscles and joints pains associated with simple backache, arthritis, strains, bruises and sprains,
it catches on quickly and has become the most famous traditional pain relief products among athletes.
This product is now become the essential gear for many boxers, football players, runners and other sportsmen in Thailand . It has certain curative effect on injuries, and many stadiums provide this cream in foreign country.
Place of origin : Thailand
Net weight: 30 g
Major functions:Ease muscle pain, joint sprains, swelling, bruises, joint pain caused by inflammation, muscle soreness caused by movement and cold symptoms, suitable for the athletes.
Apply our cream on the sore or painful area, massage until the cream is completely absorbed,  rub in gently 3-4 times daily or as needed.
It is for external use only. 
Do not apply this product to open wounds or to broken or damaged skin.
Do not use it near the eyes or apply it to mucous membranes.
Discontinue use of this product if excessive irritation or swelling occurs.