Resistance Breathing Athletic Training Mask

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The Training Mask is a resistance breathing device, which limits your air supply during training. The innovative Regulation System lets you regulate the resistance in 6 levels during your workout and without taking off the mask.

Though working on your breathing is vital for your overall performance and well known in many traditional sports, the Training Mask is new and innovative for many athletes. Before starting your training, learn more about all the different components, how they intertwine and everything else you need to know about the Training Mask.

The Training Mask consists of:

– Cover
– Regulation System
– Xhale Valve
– Mask Body
– Sleeve
Combined, these parts bring you a true innovative training device that allows you to train in four different resistance levels, which can easily be adjusted during training without taking off the mask. Switch levels at anytime to get the most out of your workout! Training with the mask simulates the low level of oxygen in altitude training, thus increasing your cardiac activity to get the most out of your training and elevating the red blood cells count in your body which in turn helps your body transport oxygen to your muscles.


Six different resistance levels for your training!

The Training Mask has four different levels of difficulty: Beginner, Advanced and Extreme. Thereby, you can easily adjust the masks' resistance level to your personal fitness and push your limit step by step. Besides, you can change the resistance level during training, depending on what your workout is demanding of you and what you are demanding of your workout.

Beginner – Level 1

500M to 1000m High

You are an ambitious athlete and want to work with this innovative training device? For getting started we recommend the Beginner-level. Get used to the mask and experience breathing and training with air supply resistance.

Advanced – Level 2

2000M to 3000m High

You're exercising regularly and hard, but feel you have exhausted conventional training methods and you want to push yourself with the Phantom Training Mask and shift your limits? Then you should choose the Advanced-level.

Extreme – Level 4

5000M to 6000m High

You are trained to the core and ready for the ultimate challenge? Then you can venture on the Extreme-level! Get ready for a hardcore workout and get the last out of your body. WARNING: We strongly recommend to first train in all other levels and get used to them. The Extreme Level is demanding everything from you and you will crush your limits!

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